University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UUCC) is comprised of 18 faculty members approved by the Faculty Senate and is the primary institutional faculty body that oversees and reviews curriculum from an institutional perspective.  The UUCC helps ensure that the University’s curriculum and the processes and procedures by which it is reviewed and approved are consistent and appropriate.  In its work, the Committee is concerned with the academic integrity of the institution and the quality of course and programmatic offerings.  The oversight and review roles recognize that the university’s academic programs are diverse and that this diversity will be reflected in their curriculum. 

The UUCC helps ensure that the University places the primary responsibility for content, quality, and effectiveness of its curriculum with its faculty as required by SACS-COC.

The UUCC will:

Develop and implement specific procedures for the evaluation of courses and programs from an institutional perspective for inclusion in UNT's curriculum.

Make recommendations in a timely manner to the Faculty Senate’s Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate so that decisions regarding the curriculum follow appropriate processes and meet relevant deadlines.  This ensures predictability and consistency for academic programs planning for implementation.

For more information regarding the administration, charges, voting rules, terms, faculty and administrative representatives, and past meeting minutes, visit the faculty senate page designated to the UUCC.